Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Impossible Place

The following images are examples of photo collages which I have made. This is because we where set a brief of going and taking photographs and being responsible for the quality. Then we had to put them together to make a place that doesn't actually exist, therefore we where also responsible for how the images would go together and making sure we found appropriate images to use. The first example is of a more impossible place because its not something that could exist in reality. Then the next example is also impossible because it doesn't exist, however it could be built making it a more realist view, which is also made from an inside vantage point. The final image is a black and white version of the second image, this was so that i would be able to see the difference of impact based on colour and no colour.

 Any and all feedback welcome and appreciated.
(copyright belongs to me as i took original images and made the composition)

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