Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Vector Portrait

The following image is a vector image which I have made using Illustrator CS5. I hope it is clear to tell who the person is as they are a celebrity singer- This illustration features Hayley Williams- singer from Paramore. The reason why I have made this image is becuase it was an experiment and a learning method so that I would be able to gain a better understanding of Illustrator and the different effects and images that can be achieved. The reason why I chose this image is becuase, I am a fan of the band, but also becuase of the clear outlines and tones which are in the image, which makes it easier to be able to structure the piece.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Abstract, 3D

The following images are photographs taken of my work. This piece was the first piece I made when I started University. The theme was to draw from the human form and then simplify and abstract the form to make a final piece. Sketches made for this project will be posted shortly. The final piece which I decided to make was to take the shapes which I had been able to make from the form and then to make them into 3D pieces to be hung inside a box, which I also made. This was because I felt it gave the now abstract human form more movement and life to it. It was also an opportunity to be able to see the form abstract its self more with its own movement and how it would look from different angles, based on light and shadow as well.
Any and all feedback, comments and opinions are very much appreciated.

My Magazine, my Images

The following images are all of the different collages which I made using photographs which I took from my local area. The reason why I made these images is because we where set the task of designing our own magazine including the images used in the magazine. The theme behind the images is Urban therefore I edited the different layers on the images when making them as well, this was so that the colours and style would blend together more but also, it means that they fit the theme more. Over all I am happy with the quality of the images which I was able to make, and I did find it easier to make these images now, thanks to the impossible place project. I also tried not to use the same images twice in the collages.

Any and all feedback/ comments welcome and appreciated.

(original photographs and montage made/taken by my self)

Impossible Place

The following images are examples of photo collages which I have made. This is because we where set a brief of going and taking photographs and being responsible for the quality. Then we had to put them together to make a place that doesn't actually exist, therefore we where also responsible for how the images would go together and making sure we found appropriate images to use. The first example is of a more impossible place because its not something that could exist in reality. Then the next example is also impossible because it doesn't exist, however it could be built making it a more realist view, which is also made from an inside vantage point. The final image is a black and white version of the second image, this was so that i would be able to see the difference of impact based on colour and no colour.

 Any and all feedback welcome and appreciated.
(copyright belongs to me as i took original images and made the composition)

What would you do?

In one of my classes we where discussing professional ethics, we also discussed how as a creative industry there laws and guidelines set do a low for unethical conduct if we don't follow our own values. An example of this could be how advertisement allowed the advertisement of cigarettes to the third world.
However what was most interesting was a question we where asked which was " Would you brake the law if you thought it was just?"

I think that this is such an open ended and hard question to answer because the answer depends completely on the situation. Therefore to narrow it down "In the creative industry would you brake the law if you thought it was just?"

Any comments on either question would be very much appreciated.


This post is the first example of work which I am going to post, the reason why it is called "re-touching" is because the first image is the original and then the second image is what it looks like after I have digitally enhanced it. I have also added colour to the edited section, the reason why I have chose brighter colours than what you might normally see is because I was following the style of when images had colour added by hand. I am happy with the quality of the finished section and I decided to keep part of it unedited to show the difference. This is also the first time I have ever tried to do re-touching work, however it was a new method and also very interesting and enjoyable to do.

Any opinions on the outcome will be greatly appreciated, after all nothing is more interesting than a good debate of opinion! 
(copyright to the original owner of the original image)